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Blowguns, in their many forms, have been around for thousands of years as the perfect small game weapon of choice. And while they can still be used for this purpose, let's focus on just how fun and addictive shooting blowguns can be!
Learning to shoot a blowgun is pretty easy. If you can shoot a spitball with a straw - you can shoot a blowgun! The trick is to practice enough to be able to put your blowgun darts exactly on target every time!
The blowguns we offer range in size from 18 to 60 inches and are precision made to shoot .40 caliber ammunition such as pointed darts for hunting or target plinking, rubber stun darts to coax the neighbor's dog to quit pooping in your yard without hurting it, or paintballs for all out war with your friends!.
Each blowgun comes with 8 target darts, mouthpiece, muzzleguard, foam grip and a dart quiver.
Blowgun with 8 blowgun dart quiver, mouthpiece, muzzle guard and foam handle
To help you make a choice of the blowgun that's right for you, we've added this handy chart to give you a pretty good idea of the capabilities and characteristics of each size of blowgun we offer.
Approximate Muzzle Velocity and Range
(feet per second)
18 inch
24 inch
36 inch
48 inch
60 inch
NOTE: The longer the blowgun, the farther and faster the projectile will go!
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Ready to take your game to the next level?

Extra Blowgun Target Darts

You're sure to want more than the 8 blowgun target darts included with your blowgun so we offer your choice of extra darts in packs of 100 or 250!

Blowgun Stun Darts

Blowgun stun darts come in packs of 100 and are a really useful tool for chasing away unwanted pests like birds, dogs, raccoons or even skunks from your property without having to get too close. These non-lethal rubber like pellets will prod or lightly sting an animal but will do no lasting damage.
Please note that we do not condone the mistreatment of animals including the occasional unwanted solicitor that shows up at your door just when you're get ready to sit down to eat!


Your new blowgun is a precision crafted device that will easily shoot non-toxic, water soluble, .40 caliber paint balls! So if you just really have the desire to liven up an outdoor party or compete with friends, then get some paint balls and have at it!
We offer your choice of 100, 250 or 1000 paintball packages.

Semi-Automatic Paintball Repeater for your Blowgun!

Turn your .40 caliber blowgun into a semi-automatic paintball gun. Simply take off the blowgun mouthpiece and attach the unit to the tube. You can load up to 20 paintballs into the clear paint ball magazine. Then just press the button, and a paintball will load into the barrel. (Paintballs and blowgun not included). Fits on all .40 cal blowguns. Simply press the button and another paintball is in place for another shot. Quick fire semi-automatic firing with your blow gun! They won't know what hit'em!!!

Blowgun Paint Ball Magazine Quiver

Now that you have all that firepower from adding a semi-auto repeater to your blowgun you'll definitely want to carry lots of extra ammo! Why not add quivers that contain 4 clear paintball tubes, 8 black endcaps, and 2 quivers. This allows you to carry up to 80 paintballs on your blowgun. (Paintballs and blowgun not included).

Blowgun Target Board

This is the perfect target board for practicing with your standard blowgun darts. It will take 1000's of shots from your blowgun as you hone your skills! Constructed like a standard dart board, it measures 15" in diameter and is 1" thick. The blowgun target board features a metal edge and hanging hook plus festive ninja themes on both sides. Weighs a sturdy 4.5 pounds.

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